Eat Whole Foods It's That Simple

Let's not get distracted with nutritional tribal wars and fly by the night one off "studies". When it comes to nutrition it really can be pretty simple. 

We've all heard it's not a diet, rather it is a lifestyle. At this point in my study of food and it's connection to health and longevity it's pretty sound to say less processed and more vegetable plant based diet is the way to go. Eating this way is not about the distractions that we encounter along the way. Eating whole foods in not a fad diet. 

Eating Whole Foods means keeping it simple and keeping an open mind to not one's own ability to change...

Truly this means acknowledging our complex genetic make up and the needs we have.

I was strictly vegan for almost a year but felt my body craving more animal based protein... This didn't mean I was eliminating my philosophy of eating whole foods. I was simply listening to my unique genetic make up and accommodating my unique needs as an aging male and competitive athlete. Protein indeed is less bioavailable in a strictly vegan diet and harder for an aging person to assimilate. My way is not better than your way and it truly is nuanced in that sense.

I try to be selective when I do source animal protein and try to keep the majority of my diet plant based. As a chef I play a significant role in the way people eat and think about food. The more I study and understand the health crisis in this country it is without hesitation I try to influence what I know to be better for human health and our environment we are trying to preserve for future generations. 

It is a simple proactive choice over the detrimental, mainstream other. This choice trickles down to all those around you and ultimately contributes to the solution of the detriment to our health and the deterioration of our environment. ( fy10.pdf)

Our bodies really haven't evolved to process the man made processed foods . Maybe someday but I'm doubtful. People are getting sick, very sick and it's all because they are making the choice to eat one "food like substance" over whole foods. 

Let's share this message of eating whole foods and let's make it a simple message. 

Chef Becker 

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