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Chef Chris Becker

Welcome to Becker Nutrition, your premier Personal Chef and Nutritionist located in Broomfield. I'm a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and have just recently moved from California where I spent over two decades honing my culinary skills. In San Francisco I worked as a Sous Chef for Boulevard in S.F., and Paula LeDuc Fine Catering as an event coordinator and chef. Eventually I created my own catering company and soon thereafter started my current business of personal "cheffing."

I have always had a passion for cooking and have never strayed from my passion to include health within my cooking. The culmination of these two interests inspired me to enroll in graduate school to further my understanding of food and health. I received an MS in clinical nutrition and also became a certified nutritional consultant. This is the cornerstone of my cooking and my business. Health and food are highly correlated and each individual may require a unique diet. I am well versed in all kinds of diet plans and can accommodate each individual or family with whatever needs they may have.

I also compete as an athlete (Cat 2 road cyclist, cyclocross, and uphill skier). Understanding the demands these sports have on the body has also given me insights on what foods might work best for day to day training and/or competition. 

Overall I approach cooking and health from a balanced perspective that promotes health and well being of not only the client but also the environment. When I cook I try and source my ingredients locally, which means the food is friendly to the environment but also in season fresh and most often organic.

Contact me today at (925) 286 1733 to schedule a consultation and let's start your journey towards better health together.

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